Backpack for Croats and Everyone Who Feels Like One Cardboard model of the backpack on a mannequin. From the manual introduction: “ It is common knowledge that Croats have the hardest time. Every Croat “carries his cross”. So if you are Croat or just feel like one, then “Backpack for Croats and Everyone Who Feels Like One” is a solution for you! Why wouldn’t you put all your worries and troubles that burden your shoulders into this backpack and make your life easier? Along with the basic model, we offer you a model for students, retired, business people and veterans, because troubles don’t choose! Each backpack is ergonomically shaped to ease you carrying the burden of life, while it’s basic model leaves you space to express your personality and carry your miseries with style!”




Backpack for Croatian Retirees manual 14,8×21 cm


Backpack for Croatian Students manual 14,8×21 cm


Backpack for Croatian Veterans, manual 14,8×21 cm