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I am “Marichoo” – illustrator, graphic designer & artist with a quirky mind, endless flow of creative ideas and versatile skills!

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With 10+ years experience & top skills I’ll make your project outstanding with great design!

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Marichoo will make your project outstanding with great design!

Quarantine illustration

10+ Years Experience

Marichoo has both agency & freelance work experience with clients from different industries. Being reliable and communicating well she manages to meet tight deadlines. Graduated, Master of Fine Arts.

Excellent Illustration, Design & Creative Skills

Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop & InDesign
Skills: illustrating, graphic design, creativity, concept development, storyboards, re/branding, visual identity, art directions, ads, brochures, flyers, … print & digital!

Top Clients / Brands

Marichoo worked with brands such as Playboy, Beck’s, ChefsFeed, Henschel, Staropramen, Lactalis, Vegeta, BBDO, Vizkultura, Dukat, Ozujsko, Wrigley, L-Mag, Gegenüber, Dukat, Plazma, and many more.

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With 10+ years experience & versatile skills Marichoo will make your project outstanding with great design! Marichoo can help you with illustration, graphic design & creativity.