Proposal for design visuals for Vienna Insurance Group

This is a proposal for the design of the key visual for for life insurance campaign for prominent Vienna Insurance Group. I was responsible for art direction and graphic design.
The motto of the campaign says: “ You are his superhero. So do what heroes do. Protect him.”
I wanted the design to follow the motto and that explains the choice of the photo and font, which is somewhat of cut-out, kid’s style.
The red colour corresponds with the official brand’s colour. The white frame gives the final touch to the design; it stabilises the composition and the cape that goes over it
make for a playful detail.

Vienna Insurance Hero 02 Graphic Design
Vienna Insurance Hero 02 Graphic Design

agency: BBDO Zagreb
graphic designer: Marija Knezić Marichoo
copywriter: Tino Kera
photos: Shutterstock